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  • Craig2080

    This house has a very long back story which it would be nice if you shared that, but since you just become a click for pay website you do not do any real research or reporting anymore.

    This is one of Nile Naimi’s properties. The house was designed by Landry and being built under the name like Skybridge or something like that. It was intended to be finished in Limestone. During the recession the owner either lost interest or ran out of money or both. The house was an ordeal to build being that its on two lots with part of the house in LA and part of the house in SaMo. Making for zoning logistics nightmares.

    The original owner sold the house for $10.3m to Nile who then finished it out, changing the styling to “East Coast Colonial” and then he sold it to the current owner for $24.5m after he lived in it himself for awhile.

    The new price is overly ambitious as they always are. It will sell for lower to mid $30’s if they are serious.

  • Arnage

    I’m positive this isn’t Kenny anymore. There is no way so much passion, and so little passion can exist in the same person. Kenny posted about Skycliff several times while it was under construction no way he wrote this post. He mentioned a while back he sold the website, It looks like he has severed ties with it completely…Good for him, but sucks for us.

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