14,000 Square Foot Brick Mansion In Great Falls, VA Re-Listed | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • horselips

    A grand mansion on a large, estate-sized lot. The entire interior is richly ornamented from floors to ceilings – a showcase for quality craftsmanship and materials. Too bad the design lacks the formal symmetry that would’ve carried it across the line from stately to palatial. To nitpick, the 4 car garage is inadequate, and a nice summer kitchen needs to be added to the pavilion. Nothing a multi-millionaire can’t handle.

  • Architecture Afficianado

    A sideshow from another mindlessly egotistical and thankfully bygone era of gargantuan materialism and intimidation. Perfect for those that fancy themselves as a reincarnated Vanderbilt or Astor or Carnegie only with 1/100th of the true quality of materials, craftsmanship, beauty, scale, correct proportions and and historical accuracy of the palaces built by those families. Revolting, grandiose and overdone in so many ways and as relevant to true good taste as beef jerky is to pheasant under glass.

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