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  • horselips

    The splendid coffered ceilings and the fine joinery lavished throughout the premises does not mix well with the exterior architecture. I sense a hint of Islamic influence. Maybe those pointed arches are meant to be ‘Gothic’ but I see “Moorish,” or “Mughal” and that’s unforgivable. Probably why it’s called Villa Taj.

  • Craig2080

    This house has had a saga … It house is vastly different inside than it usta be— it was built by a dentist. The neo-Byzantine Moorish revival was mistaken for a mosque when it was built. Dentist went bankrupt after a sexual harassment lawsuit hit his practice, a mysterious accident in the house flooded it with several million gallons of water. He finally lost the house to foreclosure … it became a squatters paradise and some homeless men were living in it…. looks like the finally gut rehabbed the interior and are now trying to sell it…. The cheesey super expensive cars is a very LA thing, not fitting for Chicago real estate.


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