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  • horselips

    Gorgeous. Even though the kitchen is more elegant than the library. Surprisingly lacking in outdoor facilities – no expansive loggia, no outdoor covered sitting or dining area, no BBQ, outdoor kitchen, or cocktail bar. Not even a screened porch. Unless this is unfinished, and that slab, fireplace, and those columns across from the pool and spa are the beginning of a very nice facility. I’ve got the information missing from the listing; Square footage: Lots. Price: Are you sitting down?

  • Architecture Afficianado

    This shrine to bad taste should be named “Chateau Du DRAMAMINE”. The kitchen is jaw-droppingly absurd at best and is motion-sickness-inducing design at its worse. The whole thing looks like something one of Louis XVI’s concubines saw in a nightmare after a night of being sick from eating a pile of spoiled pate de foie gras. For those who fancy themselves a modern day Sun King or Napoleon this monstrosity is perfect. It and every other wanna’-be Versailles like it pairs perfectly with gargantuan flat screen televisions, giant sectionals and everything else 2016 that it will no doubt be polluted with.

  • Bojack39

    It’s owned by a Democratic State Senator. He was an ironworker by trade, now worth tons of money from being a politician… a democratic one. Comical.

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