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  • horselips

    Looking at Picture #1, it’s obvious that this mansion’s size, design and layout was entirely forced by the constraints of the miserable lot. Naybers on both sides are hanging right over your front and back yards – you enjoy all the privacy of a fishbowl. Nobody with seven million to blow on a roof would start with such a shoe-horned concept unless he had to. And while the buyer will enjoy a ‘waterfront’ location, there’s no sand, no beach, just a wall and a pier. But hey! the multi-millionaire owner and his wife, kids, and anybody else in those 6 bedrooms will get to park all TWO of their cars in the garage at the same time – beat that! And they won’t have to bother with entertaining because the street is so narrow there’s no shoulder for guests to park. But then, parking cars in front of the house might detract from the beauty of the exposed above-ground utility poles and wires – you know, like the ones they have in Section 8 trailer parks. Welcome to Barrio Bentley – another gold-plated slum.

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