$3.35 Million Newly Built Stucco Home In Houston, TX | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • horselips

    Everything’s BIG in Texas, except the lots they put multi-million dollar glorified tract houses on. What a P.O.S. this is. The listing claims a pool, but I don’t see it. It does have, at least, an elevator.

    • Todd

      POS? It takes one to know one! Did it ever occur to your pea brain that just because one can afford 20,000 square feet, they may not need or want that much room? As usual, you know nothing about this industry and you show it with every stupid post. Start your own blog instead of constantly trashing everything on this one!

      • horselips

        Uhmmm, I actually like a LOT of the listings on this blog. My tastes and expectations might be eccentric, but I have built and owned quite a few residences and businesses over the years, and regardless of what I know or don’t know about this “industry,” I do know what I like, what I respect, and what I hold in righteous contempt. Now, pleeeze tell me you’ve found the pool. Thanks.


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