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  • Atlas

    It needs bulldozing, I can’t think of anything more out of place in LA.

    • Architecture Afficianado

      Ummmmmmm………..not you, but your thinking is UTTERLY psychotic. This is a jazz-age MASTERPIECE that couldn’t be reproduced at three times the sale price. You most obviously know nothing about truly historic architecture and world class craftsmanship that is categorically irreplaceable. Even though modern/contemporary architecture is my personal favorite, the majroity of the new multi-multi million dollar homes of that style built in L.A. In the past 5/10 years have all the warmth, color, personality and welcoming feel of a factory-turned-commercial-gallery and are basically clones of each other.

      • horselips

        Easy does it there, Arch.Aff. Atlas is entitled to her opinion, and you’re not qualified to call anybody’s thinking psychotic unless you’re reading your own posts. I personally like the Gothic-Tudor style, inside and out, and while it may be “out of place in L.A.,” I can’t think of anything more out of place in America than L.A. What needs bulldozing is everything else in L.A., not this mansion and others like it. Bottom Line: We like Atlas, even when we disagree. We don’t like you, even when you’re right. One more thing – I don’t like jazz.

        • Architecture Afficianado

          Hmmm……are you the Moderator and/or owner of this site and did Atlas just break both of her hands preventing a personal response? Your irrelevant musical and socio-political, completely unrelated views aside, I’ll remember to forget that I coulnd’t possibly care less what you think of me, that this website has no official or unofficial. “Defender of the Commentors” and again, that you are not, repeat not the Moderator or owner. And I’ll somehow try to not drown in my tears over your (or anyone else who you imagine does not) not liking me and guess what? The feelings mutual. Why don’t you rebutt your buddy Atlas’ edict of tearing this stunning home down? She’s the one who disagrees with you.

  • Bill_N

    It should stay. And “The Movie-Making Capital Of The World” is the right place for a mansion like this…..perfect for location shooting.

  • jackrabbitjb

    I wouldn’t go in that house without a hazmat suit on.

  • Daniel

    I’m curious to see if it will be salvaged or (more likely) bulldozed. I personally think it is a gorgeous home on the outside worth saving. Eliminate the moat/grotto, gut the interior while preserving the period pieces, and turn this back into the manor it deserves to be. If anything, I hope it isn’t replaced by another white box.

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