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  • horselips

    I still cannot understand why British architects do not appreciate the obvious benefit of a compartmented bath. Do they really think that Mi’lady, soaking in her button-tufted padded tub, enjoys the spectacle of His Lordship’s grunting, groaning, and gaseous emanations right next to her?

    • Todd

      His Lordship has his own bathroom or didn’t you notice?

      • horselips

        Ha Ha – I didn’t notice. Thanks.

  • Atlas

    The interior is blindingly terrible in places but thats i generally forgivable as in a property like this it is easily solved. What is completely unexplainable and utterly unforgivable is the bizarre architectural break that was taken with that swimming pool, the exterior looks like its from an entirely different house.

    • Pierre

      They manage to make a new house look like a renovated/expanded house. It’s the “Candy brothers syndrome”…


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