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  • horselips

    What a piece of garbage. Here’s a modern-contemporary mansion that’s well worth the money. It’s gorgeous, on a huge mountain top lot, and it’s almost a million dollars cheaper. http://www.priceypads.com/once-priced-at-16-5-million-this-24000-sq-ft-california-mansion-can-be-yours-for-5-995-million-photos-video/

    • Craig2080

      Are you f’ing kidding me? While this house is a bit bland… the house you posted is literally disgusting.

      • horselips

        “Disgusting” works for me. Lots of big spaces with tall ceilings, lots of marble, lots of those glass walls ‘modern’ lovers love, and only one awful wood floor (in the home office) to cover with carpeting or replace with stone or tile. I didn’t see any of those ridiculous long, narrow, gas-BBQ ‘fireplaces,’ and there are no offensive wood-plank ceilings overhead. That revolving dining room and stainless steel commercial kitchen kicks ass. The alfresco facilities are endless. And the big mountain-top lot is wonderful.

        • Craig2080

          No one ever accused you of having good taste… obviously.

          • horselips

            Me? Accused of having “good taste?” I plead ‘not guilty’ your honor, nevertheless, I do know what I like.

    • Nickerz

      They are both pretty awful. As Craig said— this house is extremely bland. Very white box contemporary with nothing particularly impressive.

      As for the Cali house— it’s a “deal” in terms of the land and structure you guys but then the problem starts— this house is so tacky 1980’s modern and not only needs a massive cosmetic overhaul but one would have to bring in an architect to try to figure out how to modify the structure to a more appealing design.

      The same issue is going on with:

      Paradise Valley is an extremely affluent area that you’d think someone would say, wow this is a deal. But it’s so tacky and needs so much renovations both cosmetic and to try to modify the awful structure that it would almost be cheaper to level it and start over.

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