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  • Craig2080

    This blog has really gone down hill. It usta be HomesoftheRich. Now its just a basic boring posting of the worst mediocre suburban homes. And you never notate or do one ounce of research about the properties. This is Scottie Pippens house.

    • Arnage

      I couldn’t agree more, each post use to have personality and was unique. Now it’s just a form letter filled in with facts about an average Zillow listing.

      • Craig2080

        Agreed—- it’s sad that my two favorite sites have both gone the same way. The Real Stalker sold out to join Variety and while Mama writes a bit more and atleast follows a bit more noteworthy listings… the whole spark and snark that was the RealEstalker is gone. And HoTR has clearly just become about money for Kenny. Instead of doing any decent posts— he throws up as many mediocre suburban track homes as he can so he can get his pay for clicks money. Pathetic.

  • Jackson

    Unfortunately, I have to agree. Don’t get me wrong, I still love this sight. Though, just like Arnage said, the posts back that had so much more personality. Now I just feel like I am on Zillow in a way. I used to love reading all the comments. It was common back then for a post to have 20+ comments. Today, 90% of the posts receive no comments at all. I think it absolutely has to do with the change of writing style.

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