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  • horselips

    These mini-mansions – under 8,000 square feet – are really just big houses. It’s hard to justify a multi-million dollar price tag no matter where it is. I know location matters, but the house does too, and for $3.8 million, there just has to be a lot more house.

    • Todd

      The authority on property values, architecture, and lifestyles of the wealthy has oozed his make believe wisdom for our humble benefit again. Just how many re-runs of The Beverly Hillbillies have you seen now? You forget; the only one impressed with your in depth knowledge of luxury real estate is you (and maybe your rent-by-the-week neighbors).

      • horselips

        I have never claimed to be an ‘authority’ on property values, architecture, and lifestyles of the wealthy. In fact, I will be agree completely that I’m not an ‘authority’ on any of these things. But I do know what I like. And if my perception of worth and value is flawed by ignorance or misunderstanding, so what? I’m still the customer. That alone makes me right. You’re also the customer. That makes you right, too. Congratulations.
        If you think 6845 sq.ft. on a .43 acre lot is fairly priced at $3.8 million, here or anywhere else, get out your checkbook. Live happily ever after.

      • Henry

        someone needs to calm down…

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