12,000 Square Foot Brick Mansion In Great Falls, VA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • rooseveltfreeman

    Buy it, tear it down, hire a quality architect to design a new one and a quality builder to build it. It seems that all I do when I see a mansion in Great Falls, is shake my head at the lack of good taste.

    • horselips

      LOL and I feel just the opposite. Knock down the other houses in Great Falls and build more like this one! The construction is all brick, stone and tile, and I like that. There are three 2-story rooms, and the master bedroom and bath are a story and a half, and I like that too. All the rooms are generously sized – the architect clearly was aware of the importance of scale. The elevation is stately, the foyer is impressive (if formulaic), and out back, that elevated terrace and balustrade is delightful. The 1.8 acre lot is adequate and nicely landscaped. The price is reasonable for 12K+ sq. ft.

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