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  • Architecture Afficianado

    Annnnnnnd another architectural abortion from the land of SO many of them! This sideshow should be closed and dismantled, stat.

    • Todd

      Doesn’t it get points for trying to cover so many architectural and design styles at once? On second though, no, it doesn’t. It is simply an abortion.

      • horselips

        Sorry fellah, maybe a small birth defect here or there, but far from an abortion. This is a very nice mansion. The Mediterranean elevation is a bit busy, but tall column, arches, arched windows, tower rooms and balconies are all very cool and lots of fun. The alfresco facilities out back are superb – from big, roomy, arched and colonnaded super-imposed double deck loggias with outdoor kitchen to the straight line swimming pool ideal for laps, that back yard is an entertaining dream even for large gatherings.
        Lots of nice stuff inside too – Tall ceilings, arches, columns and vaults, and elegant windows, moldings and marble floors where they should be. Some very nice cabinetry in the kitchen, beautiful paneling in the family room, and the home office is lovely. The curved wine lounge is unique and I like it. I also like the round dining and breakfast rooms. Throughout, the rooms have very few hard edges and sharp corners, there are lots of soft curves, arched windows and niches – it’s all very comfortable and natural. (there are no straight lines in nature).
        I’ve seen a lot worse for twice the price. There’s even an elevator, and a real built-in whirlpool tub in the master bathroom.

      • Architecture Afficianado

        Following you now, Todd, after reading your comment feed. We’re MOST DEFINITELY on the exact same “page” 🙂

        • Todd

          Why, thanks! 🙂


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