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  • Architecture Afficianado

    Now THIS gorgeous home is elegant English Tudor done RIGHT. Subtle, classy, non, repeat not over festooned with cheap, trendy architectural “embellishments” (I.e. crap) that are everywhere in “luxury” or “high end” homes over the past 25 or so years that so many Americans actually think are beautiful. So many of the latter in this country remind me of egomaniacal whore houses designed while drugged in the Rococco or French provincial style.

    • horselips

      Built in 1931. Back when architecture was a combination of art and science. Now, it’s just science. ‘Sigh.”

    • Todd

      It’s not furnished how I would furnish it, but the house itself is utterly gorgeous. It’s a great example of how to update a classic house without destroying the character. The neighborhood near the DCC is also lovely and filled with beautiful old houses.

      Speaking of Denver mansions, it looks like Tim Gill and Scott Miller are still doing major work on the Phipps Mansion, six years after buying it. I’m guessing it’ll be stunning when they’re finished.

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