Norm Zada’s Former Beverly Park Estate Re-Listed For $45 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Pierre

    It was built in 2000 and already it looks dated… The location is pretty good, but 45 millions seems too much somehow. Well at least it’s a proper mansion in term of space and amenities.

  • Craig2080

    House could be cool with a Paul McClean designed reno I think. Landry’s contemporary always fails and looks dated from day one. Look at the Full House guys spec house that he cannot sell despite having one of the best views of any of the contempo spec homes that have been on the market in awhile.

    They are smoking crack if they think their $16.5mm investment on this is now $45mm. I could see it selling for $25-30mm and then having a pretty extensive rehab.


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