Incredible $32 Million French Inspired Estate in Dallas, TX With Its Own Water Park! | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • horselips

    Medicaid Orthodontics, eh? Take a good, long look folks – your tax dollars at work! More power to the good doctor. He buys two houses for a total of about $17 million and now wants to double his investment. Gotta love it.

  • Will

    Been wondering when this house would go up for sale, supposedly Mr. Malouf is in some trouble for fraud. This is probably the best house I’ve ever seen in my opinion, I love it, especially the water park. I hope that post more pictures/videos.

  • Craig2080

    So, if the pictures and everything including arial are revealing what they appear to be, it looks like he pretty much gutted up and rebuilt the second house as the indoor basketball court.

  • Al Robinson

    I’ll pass on the house, but take that gym and pool.

  • Jackson

    Spectacular! Even though the backyard is tacky, it looks super fun.

  • Architecture Afficianado

    This day-glo monstrosity is categorically past the ability of known language on earth to describe just how vile it is. To say that is a slavish worship to ego, materialism, pomposity and an obsession with vulgarity is like saying the wreck of the Titanic is just a few feet under water. The street whores during the reign of Louis the XVI would think it’s beyond gauche and overdone.

  • LT. Doaks

    Yea I remember seeing him and his wife on the news for medicaid fraud. I wonder if he’s selling it to help with legal fees. Man greed is a deadly sin.


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