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  • horselips

    A 2574 sq.ft. house on a 6242 sq.ft. lot for $7 million. Have California’s millionaires completely lost their minds? What space, features, and amenities could this freaking shack have to offer the kind of person who can afford to buy it? What multi-millionaire lives like this? I’m nowhere near being even a single millionaire let alone a multi-one, and even I live better than this. Just sayin’.

    • Todd

      Plenty of wealthy live like this; the reason you are so baffled is because you know NOTHING about appraisal values, upper class mindset or anything else that you pretend so hard to portray yourself as an expert. Your comments are so laughably stupid all the time. All you do is embarrass yourself. Just sayin.

      • horselips

        I am completely aware of appraised values, market forces, price theory, booms and busts ad nauseam. As a gun collector I know such things are important. As for the “upper class mind set” it is as varied and diverse as any other class. The very existence of this P.O.S. at this price just reveals that it takes all kinds. Hopefully the next great real estate collapse will teach the next generation of the rich and famous not to be so easily fooled. I can’t wait for Vancouver’s hyper-inflated real-estate market to burst – the folks who fell for “appraised values” will richly deserve the financial bath they’ll take. markets rise and fall, appraisals go up and down – be careful out there.


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