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  • Todd

    This house embodies all that is wrong with new-build architecture and the real estate market in the greater Seattle area. For $3.5 million one gets a generic box with average quality materials and no view. I could maybe forgive its other failings if the architecture were at least somewhat compelling and not simply a repeat of dozens of other new builds.

    I’m sure it’ll make a comfortable and livable house for someone but it’s not for the person who wants to spend multiple millions and have something even remotely unique. It seems that every new build in this price range in the area follows one of only two or three formulas, and this is the Bellevue formula; if this were in Seattle it would be the same design but with a flat roof and shorter baseboards, albeit maybe half the size.

  • horselips

    Look at that front view… at your own risk. It’s that ugly. Now check out that back yard, note the crummy wooden fencing. How about that swimming pool and spa and that luxurious loggia with fireplace and outdoor kitchen? Ooops, not there. What a gold-plated slum this is. Welcome to Barrio Bentley. The house blows, the lot sucks, the whole package stinks. Hey, whataya want for a lousy $3.5 million?

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