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  • horselips

    Such monumental architecture! Big, imposing, and elegant. What happened inside? All that square footage and money to work with, and almost nothing to show for it. No double-height rooms, no knock-out sight lines, no oh-hell-yeah spaces to overwhelm, or even tickle the senses. To be sure, there are top-of-the-line materials throughout, nice craftsmanship, and there are some very nice areas, but for this price, very nice doesn’t begin to cut it. And what about alfresco facilities? No lavish loggia with outdoor kitchen? Not even a goddam covered porch? No pool? No spa? Tennis court? Putting green? Half a basketball court? Cabana? Guest house? Staff quarters? Anything? Just a patio? I get it – $21 million ain’t what it used to be. But when your “premium location” offers nothing but that, I’ll live elsewhere, thank you, and I’ll live a helluva lot better too, for a whole lot less money.

  • Todd

    Gorgeous. It’s not only grand but it looks like a place for people to actually live, not something designed merely to impress the guests.

  • Architecture Afficianado

    Normally I abhor all modern interpretations of traditional and even less so for Englih Tudor, however this one is actually quite well done. It does not, repeat does not look like a Russian whorehouse from Catherine the Greats’ era on sterioids like wayyy too many in this country do. The interior shows proper restraint, good taste, proportions and believability as a more, rather than less correct version of the genre. However, as Lips said, the fact that this place does not have a pool/pool house and/or tennis court on 1.7 for THAT INSANE PRICE is utterly unnacceptable. The other features he mentions are, as far as I’m concerned unnecessary. But again, quite well done overall and the exterior is quite wonderful……it absolutely reads as a historic build and that’s a very good thing.

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