13,000 Square Foot Mansion In Woodstock, GA For Just $1 Million! | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • horselips

    A few of the rooms have a kinda-sorta Wedgewood Jasperware-ish look to them – not sure if that works. House seems a bit dark. But heck, if you have a fight with the old lady over your in-laws in the guest house, and she throws your ass out and you have to sleep in the garage – no problem – it has its own kitchen.
    The good news is now we know what it really costs to build a 13,000+ square foot mansion on 2 acres – what the true inherent and intrinsic value of such a building really is – it’s true worth – don’t be fooled by higher prices for less of either, location notwithstanding.


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