Palazzo di Mare – A 28,000 Square Foot Beachfront Mega Mansion In Vero Beach, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • horselips

    When I saw 28,000 square feet (!) and $20 million (!), I drooled with expectation. Certainly there would be spectacular spaces, grand monumental rooms, an indoor pool rivaling Caracala’s best efforts, and no end of amenities. Instead … disappointment. Aside from the master bedroom, all the rooms look small and unimpressive. Large scale entertaining would have to be done outdoors. And forget serious dinner parties – that dining room is set up for 8 at most. Good thing – the kitchen looks to be rather small for a Palazzo di Mare. Even the 2 story great room -while tall- isn’t very large. Well, after all, the architect did have to shoehorn 6 whole bedrooms into the plan, bless his heart. If I were shown the pictures first, then asked to guess the size and price of the mansion, I would have arrived at a much smaller, and much less expensive result.

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