Location: 1900 N Burling Street, Chicago, IL

Square Footage: 5,151

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 5 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms

Price: $3,350,000

This brick home is located at 1900 N Burling Street in Chicago, IL. 

It was built in 1995 and has been remodeled. It features approximately 5,151 square feet of living space with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, foyer with staircase, formal living & dining rooms, gourmet kitchen, family room, observatory, 2-car garage and more.

Outdoor features include a balcony, rooftop deck and a patio.

It is listed at $3,350,000.


  • horselips

    Welcome to Barrio Bentley. What a slum. You’d have to really want to live in Chicago (a treatable pathology), really want to live on this street, and in this house to seriously consider paying $3.35 million to live here. Considering what this house can’t do for you, what the grounds can’t allow, just all the limitations that a multi-millionaire wouldn’t have to suffer with a conventional mansion on a decent sized lot, and often for far less money – I don’t see the value here. This isn’t “location,” this is incarceration. Oh well, to each his own.


    • Paul

      I was just researching this neighborhood. There is some unique zoning in a very small portion of three streets, including Burling, that allows for larger than normal homes on the lots… I agree, Chicago sucks but if one wanted a larger than normal home in Chicago, this would be the area to buy.


  • Architecture Afficianado

    Wow…….the arrogance and bigotry towards one of the largest, very cool cities in this country that has its problems JUST LIKE EVERY CITY DOES is really amazing. How very ignorant and frankly, stupid.