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  • horselips

    WOW! For twenty-five million dollars, the only thing this house is missing is … everything.

    • Todd

      Please enlighten us, oh expert on the wealthy and real estate values! Such as?

      • horselips

        I will happily stipulate that an oceanfront lot is desirable, but this lot, at a whopping .18 acre (point one eight), is practically useless. That garage, with its 2 whole spaces, is sure to accommodate all the rides the owner, his spouse and family could ever need. That gigantic lot will provide all the extra parking needed for guests when he entertains… NOT. Inside, there are no high volume spaces, no tall ceilings, no dramatic sight lines, nothing creative, innovative, or even interesting. As for the ocean and city views, once you’ve seen ’em, you’ve seen ’em (now what?). Interior finishes throughout are the usual cheap straight-grained faux-wood veneers – all the rooms look alike. Nothing out back either – no large covered loggia, no outdoor kitchen, and this oceanfront lot has no beach, just a dock and a peer. I could go on and on, room by room, but nevermind, if you can justify the $3600+/Sq.Ft. price of this offering, buy it. Congratulations. You paid $15 million over the Zestimate.

        • horselips

          I meant “pier”

        • Craig2080

          You’re a moron if you think Zestimates mean anything or even close to accurate. And, you are a moron for not realizing how rare docking property in SoCal is. You list it as a negative, and thats exactly much of the value here is for some a*hole to park his boat at his “second” house.


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