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  • horselips

    Aside from the automatic disqualification of the laughable 1/3 acre lot … it must be said that a “contemporary” house offers little in the way of materials and nothing in the way of craftsmanship to produce – all you need are windows, drywall, paint, and various fake wood and stone veneers – a handful of semi-skilled illegal aliens can finish the interior in no time at all. The almost $1,500 price per square foot cannot be justified in any way, and borders on an insult to one’s intelligence.

    • tennis4life

      What a surprise to hear you don’t like another contemporary, well most of the time anytime a contemporary residence here is posted there is some bile coming from your uninformed clueless commentary! It always begins with the lot size ie: what a small lot, whether Its La-Beverly hills or Oceanfront yes that’s why they are small lots because of cost per square foot and the shortage of premium lots where the larger lots can be tens of millions, this isn’t Hicksville Arizona where you seem to dwell. Then always disparaging the use of materials as in anything contemporary is cheap but classical or Spanish colonial that you usually harp on as being so top quality because you favor the style is again clueless. Same as to construction you want to talk drywall that’s more in your style than contemporary, where a true design usually uses steal and concrete as the shell rather that drywall an wood framing of a typical classic design. A Wallace Cunningham true contemporary design takes years in fact most of his homes 5-6 years for design and construction process because of he complexity and materials used, speaking of which again you always knock contemporary materials as being cheap in our own narrow minded skewed opinions that border not on anything factual, hey but don’t let facts get in the way like a quality contemporary and the top designs can use exotic materials just as well or more so then classical designs where even the choice of woods used such as ipe and the description of it below from a wood manufacturer, ie:
      Overall, ipe is a difficult wood to work being extremely hard and dense, with high cutting resistance during sawing. Ipe also has a pronounced blunting effect on cutting edges. That was from a wood manufacturer, but hey what do they know compared to your library of vast knowledge, so while I do not wish to be antagonistic but your asinine comments just make me want to say just get your head out of yours once and for all!!

      • horselips

        I’m sure you’re right that there are contemporary mansions that really so include premium materials that even require borderline craftsmanship to install and finish, but there is nothing in this listing to indicate that applies here. In any event, it certainly doesn’t look the case. Zillow thinks it’s priced 2.6 times its value. I understand why some sites cost many times what some other sites do. I understand that demand for premium sites often exceeds supply and lot size must reflect the value of the land. But we differ in opinion on what makes a site valuable to begin with. Proximity and access to this or that is important to some, but at some point, a property becomes so constricting, for whatever completely justifiable reason, that a person who is wealthy enough to afford it must sacrifice so much to live there that he ends up with few options beyond what his lessers enjoy in their tract developments. I place much more value on a large property that demands no accommodation whatsoever on my part to thoroughly enjoy, and that while not in Beverly Hills, is close enough, while not next door to this or that celeb, is close enough, while not in the Hamptons or Manhattan, is close enough. It profits me nothing to obtain a ‘premium’ property, if I have to sacrifice any aspect of my lifestyle to live there. But, to each his own. Thank you for your enlightening comment – I learn something new every day – nevertheless, I still know I like.

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