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  • horselips

    What’s right: > The elevation is romantic and impressive – the multi-building layout enhances scope and scale. That foyer is splendid. The grounds are very well done – the site, though not large, does provide adequate privacy. The outside facilities – pool and loggia are excellent.
    What’s wrong:> Aside from the foyer, all the other rooms are oppressed under very low ceilings. And did they all have to be beamed? The interior is badly in need of variety -such as recessed, vaulted or coffered designs. The windows are all the same. Same with the floors – one wood floor is enough, thank you. The garage is detached (impressive) with no convenient access to the kitchen for carrying in groceries and such (impractical).
    Bottom Line:> Easily worth fully half the price, and that’s not bad for California.

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