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  • horselips

    What a thoroughly depressing house. From the elevation to the landscaping, there’s nothing to see here. If you ventured inside anyway, my condolences. The living and dining rooms aren’t even rooms – just alcoves off the foyer, which, BTW, makes a rather poor first impression in its own miserable right. There are no great spaces, not even any special or interesting spaces. The entire interior is discount-off-brand plain vanilla. But it gets worse – the back yard. No pool or spa, no loggia, not even a patio, not even a deck. The entire property, a whole .4 acre (LOL) is unimproved.
    This is pathetic. A successful pillar of the community, with a family, with four and a half million dollars to blow on a house, is supposed to fall for …this? Not even a garage worth mentioning. Heaven help the buyer if he, his spouse, and a kid or two have cars to park. It’s not happening here. With only 4319 square feet of space, not a helluva lot of anything else is happening here either.
    For this price, we’ve seen lots of listings here of real mansions, twice this size or more, and lavishly finished with the finest materials and workmanship, sited on beautifully landscaped, estate-sized lots. If the buyer of this thing invites you to the housewarming party – bring a sympathy card.


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