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  • horselips

    Here we go with another “waterfront scam” property. The formula is familiar – start with a teeny-tiny lot on a landlocked lake, build a very small, unremarkable mini-mansion that would barely break a million anywhere else, and stick a huge multi-million dollar price tag on it.

    • geoff1

      “teeny-tiny lot on a landlocked lake”

      is there a type of lake that isn’t “landlocked”? “air-based” lakes exist? “ocean based” lakes?

      and so what if it’s teeny-tiny? the developer can’t help it if it’s the only lot available. oh, and btw, i’ve been thru that house, it costs a hell of a lot more than a million to build. Views of rivers and lakes and skylines do have value. Houses on Lake Oswego that have been built within the last 8 or so years are all over $2 million. A house just 5 or so houses down from this one is listed at $5.5 million that was just built out from the shell of a house it had been for years.

      • horselips

        Lots of lakes are connected to the sea through rivers and channels – not all are landlocked. But hey, if you think this place is fairly priced -buy it! Don’t let me stop you. Value, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this beholder sees little value here. I would imagine most multi-millionaires have more than three cars in their family, especially if there are teenaged kids. My wife and I with our 2 kids had 5 cars in the family. A decent sized garage is a must. Most multi-millionaires entertain now and then, so where are the 20 guests for that important dinner party supposed to park? I’m far from being a millioniare, but having a houseful of guests was a common event even in my middle-class existence. Many multi-millionaires enjoy their own tennis courts and putting greens – but the one who buys this place will be denied those options. Sooner or later many people have to take in an elderly parent or relative (we did) – this place only has 4 bedrooms, and no elevator. How’s that for anticipating the needs of a wealthy family? Most millionaires are upper management executives or entrepreneurs, and a home office is a must. But this ‘mansion’ doesn’t even provide that obvious necessity. A proper $4.35 million mansion should be designed to anticipate, and sited to accommodate, the evolving needs and changing wants of the owner and his family. If the house and site can’t even do that, it’s just a glorified tract house, not worth a sh!t.

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