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  • horselips

    One is instinctively alarmed when the listing contains no pic of the front elevation. How bad can it be? Well, considering the Zillow estimate is about $13 million below the asking price, pretty goddam bad. And despite the large square footage, there are no pics of what should be an epic home office. But then, none of the other rooms appear to be epic in any way. I’VE HAD IT – just because you have a waterfront lot with a boat dock doesn’t mean you can put up a bullshit mansion and screw the buyer for a bazillion bucks. YES, location matters, but for cryin’ out loud, so does the HOUSE!

    • Pierre

      Well, you’re right, the house matters just as much as the location. Alas most of the time these houses are build only to be sold to someone at a profit… that’s why no real effort is put into their construction and their only value comes from their location.

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