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  • horselips

    Gazing upon this lovely building, and noting the generous square footage, I had such high hopes for a magnificent interior of truly palatial rooms. Alas, it was not to be. The interior simply sucks, no nicer word would adequately express my profound disappointment.
    NOTE: the “living room’ shown in picture #5, with 2 fireplaces and 4 sets of French doors to the outside patio does not appear on the floor plans. ???

    • Melinda Adams

      Actually, it does, only it’s only 1 fireplace and 2 sets of french doors. What you see is a reflection, as the far wall is all mirrors. In the floor plans it says drawing room, and shows 1 fireplace and 2 sets of french doors.

      • horselips

        You’re right! My bad. Thanks. (But I still don’t like theinterior.)

        • Melinda Adams

          I too have had the same thought in other pictures of rooms where one wall is all mirrors. Not sure why anyone would find that appealing, but to each their our! It’s just one more thing to have to clean the kids’ finger/face prints off of. No thanks!

  • Pierre

    It’s almost impressive how impersonal this interior is.


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