Beverly Hills Estate Of The Late Jackie Collins Lists For $30 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Atlas

    That has not aged well, the backyard/pool area looks especially tired. Time for a tear down I think.

    • horselips

      A $30 million tear down? That’s scary. The pool area does look dreadful in daylight, perhaps we could save it by adding some straight grained wood veneers, faux stone panels, and more colored light bulbs. Maybe enclose a small pavilion with a long, narrow, flat-faced, ‘Kenmore BBQ burner’ fireplace and one of those very fashionable orbit chandeliers. Yeah, that should do it.

    • Pierre

      That’s the problem with contemporary architecture : it’s immediately attractive but doesn’t age well. Today’s most beautiful contemporary houses will look very out of date in about 25 years. Modernism tends to age a little bit better, in my opinion.


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