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  • horselips

    OK, it’s a big house, and it’s on the water, but the 3/4 acre lot is a joke. The Home Office is lovely, and the rest of the house is parade of high quality materials. But, seriously, for $40 million, every square INCH of this place should OWN and none of it really does. There is nothing architecturally memorable, or even noteworthy. It’s all just nice, and at this price, who cares – that’s not nearly enough. Not enough even for half the asking price.

  • Daniel

    Ehhh. $40 million is extremely ambitious. Although designed by Robert A.M. Stern, I don’t think this will command anything more than $30 million. It’s a nice home, but the lot is very small. The former Huizenga house is much more desirable in my opinion. The design is nice but a bit too restrained for my tastes. An Italian/Mediterranean home should be just slightly excessive in detail and furnishings; this feels dated even though it is brand new.


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