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  • Treg.Brown

    So a 3 car garage for a 10 bedroom home? Ratio seems odd.

    • Doug

      Six of the bedrooms are for children, two are for maids with one guest bedroom, and there is a limo garage as well, so three garages isn’t unrealistic.

      • horselips

        Treg is right – a mansion of this scale should have lots and lots of indoor parking. Those kids grow up and as soon as they get their DLs, Mom & Dad are buying them a car. As for staff and guests – they drive too, and if they’re quartered are in the main house, they should have garage space there as well, or at least covered parking. There should also be a porte cochere for the consideration of guests in inclement weather. For a mansion in this price class, the architect has to check every box – a mansion at this level should accommodate every conceivable need, present and projected, of everyone living there, working there, or visiting there. At least one guest bedroom/bathroom should be handicapped accessible. Well, at least they did think of including an elevator. Driving is a big part of modern life, and it’s a safe bet the new Mr.& Mrs. Owner of this palace will have more than a few rides. It’s not too much to ask, nor is it a waste of space, to design a substantial garage into a 20,000 + square foot, $35 million mansion.


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