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  • horselips


  • Atlas

    A stunning property in a fantastic location, the lot is a bit small but thats Trousdale, other than that this property is wonderful. Particularly impressive is that the design is carried throughout the property even into the cinema.

    • Craig2080

      This isn’t Trousdale, it’s Doheny Estates, the Bird Streets. The lot is a pretty shitty lot with a hillside drastically affecting the shape of the home. While the house seems to make best use of these limitations, all things considered the price seems unrealistic for a D lot with what is mostly a 4k sq.ft. ranch with a finished basement.

  • Architect #1

    Wow Wow!! Paul McClean is the Best modern architect to come around in years. This house is flawless 🙂

    • Atlas

      Agreed, it really is an impressive creation and Paul McClean is a great architect. I would also recommend some of Noah Walker’s work.

    • tennis4life

      I like this house and for the price the setting materials and especially the home theater which is usually not planned out well in most high end homes, but as far as modern architects go cant beat Wallace Cunningham for me, the “razor” in la jolla but two new projects one the terraces or las terazzas in Monterey mexico and one not built yet but designed for las vegas called ‘silver cloud http://www.wallacecunningham.com/projects Also like paul mccleans 864 stradella in la!

  • Craig2080


    Another one of McClean’s newest work. I agree McClean is a fab modern architect and love a lot of his homes. This influx of ranches with finished basements at astronomical prices leaves me saddened though. Can’t fathom the prices for what often is 4k-5k sq. ft. ranches with a finished basement. McClean has done a ton of them now throughout Trousdale / Bird Streets and its just a bit unbelievable people pay that much for them.

  • Sasha Ellington

    I am a huge fan of McClean Design. I find their work innovative, fresh, and impeccably built. Truly a 21st century architectural firm. Their innovation is nothing I have ever seen before.


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