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  • Atlas

    Thats not contemporary, the exterior is brutalist and the interior is Russian gawdy. The end result being a hideous mess.

  • horselips

    The exterior is pure ‘Legoland Revival’ but the interior, at least, is relieved by some interesting tiling in the master bath shower and the indoor pool. The glass-enclosed toilet compartment … uhh … ’nuff said.

  • jackrabbitjb

    I’ve always wanted to live in Russia. Said no one ever!

  • AndrewF

    “…in Russia”? Well, Russia is such a small place, I guess there’s no need to be more specific 🙂

    • Kathleen Royal

      Actually, Russia is the biggest place in Europe and one of the biggest countries in the world…

  • Semada Official

    Lovely property.
    Greetings from Horizon Land Development Pvt. Ltd, Goa, India


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