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  • horselips

    When you accept ‘contemporary’ housing, you’re buying into the sophisticated and sublime concept of ‘less is more.’ They give you less, and they charge you more for what little there is. This place couldn’t possibly have cost more than a single-digit percentage of the listing price to build.
    The interior is all drywall and glaring white paint. They didn’t bother to glue the usual (almost requisite) straight-grained wood veneers to the kitchen cabinets, they didn’t even give you the oh-so fashionable faux-rock-wall-with-long-narrow-Kenmore-BBQ-gas-burner fireplace in the living room. Aside from the foyer, there are no high volume 2 story rooms. The Master Bathroom is borderline offensive. You don’t even get full vanities under the sinks, no whirlpool tub, and the unframed mirror is just clipped to the wall. The doors and windows are plain (cheap). Relax, buyer, it’s uhmm, uhh, “fashionable!”

  • Atlas

    True contemporary is an art and only a handful of architects can pull it off, this isn’t contemporary it’s just awful.


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