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  • TJ

    I hope he going pay 100million to stay there too.I will pay my half when I win lottery.But he getting real old so I guess he can’t deal with house anymore.

    • Bill_N

      **he is**going
      **he is** getting

  • Atlas

    It’s a tear down, nothing here worth saving, in many respects L.A would be better off without it.

    • Architecture Afficianado

      You are nuts.

  • horselips

    I would imagine, given the goings on here, this place is a giant petri dish of assorted STDs, I think I’d want the place fumigated with a penicillin fog before moving in.

  • Bill_N

    Sorry…if I’m buying it, I’d want his old butt OUT OF THERE! And would we have to accept HIS personal cooking staff as well?

  • Daniel

    Jokes aside about the place needing a good scrub, I do think the home is worth saving. I actually really like the architecture, and from the pictures I’ve seen of the interior it does have some redeeming features. But for the most part, I’d gut it and update everything. First thing to go is the grotto. As far as Hef is concerned, one good speedball and the contingency of him living there is satisfied. As for the price, it seems terribly ambitious. Perhaps the allure of buying the Playboy Mansion will appease someone with a small member.

  • jackrabbitjb

    Does the price include a hazmat suit?

  • Steve

    I’ll take it and HEF can stay. He does pay over $1.3 million a year in rent to live there. The Staff would have to stay too! They are amazing. I would make a few changes though…


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