Incredible $39.95 Million Newly Built 31,000 Square Foot Oceanfront Mega Mansion In Delray Beach, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Daniel

    Sigh. It’s a great lot, but the house is so damn cold and impersonal. Feels like a medical institute or something. No personality, no warmth. Maybe if they went with more of an Art Deco interior I’d like it (think a lot of glossy wood). I really do like the front fountain and pool, however.

  • horselips

    The foyer is positively…neo-skeletal. In fact, much of the place has a mortuary-like atmosphere with those dark full-length drapes and panels. Like most contemporary efforts, it’s a little hard-edged, especially that living room fireplace; it’s totally ‘industrial,’ not at all romantic or inviting. Those Kenmore BBQ gas jets, all neatly lined up, provide more chill than warmth, there won’t be any of the delightful snap-crackle-pop a real fireplace provides. The lore and mystique of actually tending a real fire with poker and tongs will never be enjoyed in this ruthless design.
    Some here will fall in love with this ice palace, be my guest. But I would’ve approached a 31,000 square foot canvas with $40 million to burn with a whole different vision.

  • Atlas

    I really want to love this house but it’s just under-designed. It is trying to merge the contemporary with a slight vintage flare but in its size it misses the details. A particular irritant, for instance, is double story living rooms without full height windows- in this property there is a break that ruins the entire effect by trashing the flow of natural light. Another example is the foyer, it looks far too cold which could have been avoided with just a bit more effort. For nearly $40 million I would expect the designer to get these things right.

  • jackrabbitjb

    I like the palm trees.


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