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  • Atlas

    Lets just get the issue of pricing out of the way, this is not worth $35.9 million.

    With that aside, given the size of the lot which is always going to be limited in Miami, this is a very well executed property. There are a few details that look like they could have been finished better but overall its very high quality. My only criticism is the heavy framing around the glass in the windows and doors, it is possible to avoid this and in a property with this price tag it should be avoided.

  • horselips

    Ruthlessly rectilinear, not a warm, sensuous curve to be found in walls, windows, ceilings, anywhere. Inside and out, it’s all exposed concrete, straight grained wood and cold stone veneers, and painted dry wall – I shiver just looking at the pictures. They had to build this igloo in Miami, hoping the weather would keep it from completely icing up.
    At this price, the lot is unforgiveable, even in Miami. The listing confesses that there is a 2600 sq. ft. shack at 415 Dilido selling for very much under $5 million. There goes the neighborhood.

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