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  • horselips

    Finally, after a series of losers, Kenny gives us a genuine mansion. Thanks! Still, a few issues: That master bath. A free-standing sink may be ‘fashionable’, but it just looks unfinished, like the cabinet maker quit at the last minute and took his cabinets with him. That back porch, while long and covered, is extremely narrow. Would it have hurt so much to make it just a few feet wider so it could actually be used for something except an outdoor hallway? Still, it’s a very nice place.

  • Michael_krm

    Beautiful mansion, but the staircase is a nightmare for an elderly!

  • Toni Walden

    I like the mansion, but something looks off to me. It feels like an identity crisis in the rooms themselves. Way to much “stuff”. I am all for eclectic, but this is way to obvious for me. But love the architecture. Just my opinion of course.


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