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  • Doug

    Not a fan.

  • Atlas

    Stunning property in a great location but the apparently narrow lot (especially compared to the neighbors) and correspondingly small overall house and grounds size mean this is not worth anywhere near the asking price.

    • Green Eyed Warlock

      I agree about the house itself and location….they’re breathtakingly beautiful. However the ABSURD list price for that pitiful lot is indescribably BEYOND ridiculous and intelligence insulting. For 42 million dollars and I want my own ranch of at least 75 acres on a tropical island with THAT house on it and that price would have to include all the maintenance & taxes on it for 10 years easily.

  • horselips

    The listing describes the lot as “1/2 acre to 1 acre.” So it’s either twice the size of the first or half the size of the other, or somewhere in between. Credibility? Anyway, even if it’s 1 acre, it’s still too small. A four car garage? Kidding me? And for this price you can’t even take a bubble bath in the master bathroom – no whirlpool tub. What’s with the front pool? With over 12 thousand square feet, there ought to be an indoor pool as well as the one in the back yard. Pools, pools everywhere, not a tennis court in sight. The interior is garden-variety contemporary (they all look pretty much alike). No mention of a boat dock. With all that pool space, what else, except for a boat, would you want an oceanfront location for anyway?
    Expect a serious price break – if it sells at all in a year or two.


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