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  • horselips

    Just a great big overpriced tract house.

    • Texan

      Just a big overly stupid comment.

      • horselips

        Forgive me but everything is in the eye of the beholder. You might be right. I see a relatively simple interior, bereft of the high-end cabinetry and paneling, and no high-volume 2-story rooms. Nothing here is architecturally noteworthy. I just don’t see either the materials or the craftsmanship usually seen in homes at this price point. It is sited on a miserable 1/2 acre lot with exposed utility lines running across the back yard (pic#11). Pic#12 reveals the pool is completely exposed to the second floor windows of the house next door – so much for privacy. (I consider privacy a fundamental necessity in premium housing). From the description in the listing, I see a 3 (maybe 4) car garage, hardly adequate for the rides of a multi-millionaire owner and family. Should an elderly or handicapped guest or parent be visiting or taken in, there isn’t even an elevator to the upstairs bedrooms – a relatively inexpensive option running about $30-40K. The elevation is attractive, there are a few nice windows, and the fully equipped loggia is well done, but even with that, we’re a long way from $3.75 million, location notwithstanding.
        Look at the next listing, for the house in Florida – 1,500 square feet larger, an interior fully embellished with the expected quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, on a lot 3 times the size, and all for a quarter million less. But like I said, you might be right.

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