$3.7 Million Mediterranean Waterfront Home In Fort Lauderdale, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Atlas

    This is a property severely challenged by the small lot it is on and the need to maximise the waterfrontage, the end result is the best that could be expected but certainly not to my tastes.

  • horselips

    Welcome to Barrio Bentley. For all you have to give up – from privacy (this house is like living in a fishbowl), even to the size of the house itself (the square footage barely qualifies as a mini-mansion), just to get a dock and some water frontage for what would have to be a very small boat, hardly qualifying as a yacht, the $3.8 million price would not be money well spent, considering that there of lots of mansions twice this size, on lots many times the size, that can be had for the same dough.


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