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  • Atlas

    View is good but could be better, the real problem here is that the interior does not flow into the exterior areas properly which is key for a property with this sort of location.

  • horselips

    Ballustrades, arches, columns, domes, balconies, heavy classic wood paneling and decorated ceilings, arched windows, all the things I fall for are here. Just a few complaints – no high ceilings in the public rooms, and that billiard room – what a dark, narrow tunnel. That half-acre lot is a real deal breaker. Oh, and lose that stupid little round table with the flower pot, or whatever that is on it in the foyer. Thanks.

    • arnage

      Ya know you constantly complain about the round table in the foyer, but the reason you always see it is because it is the perfect piece for that space. It adds symmetry, and substance to a difficult to decorate area. It’s also very practical, you put your keys on the table when you walk in and they never get lost. Also most people don’t look at homes all the time for fun like you and I. So when I have guests they ALWAYS compliment my little round table,because they haven’t seen thousands of luxury homes on the internet.

      • horselips

        OMG, you have one too! they’re everywhere! Pods…pods…everybody has that blank expression…I mustn’t fall asleep…

        • horselips

          Really, all the regular commenters here have their hot buttons. Some are real students of locations and histories of homes and neighborhoods, some busy themselves with lighting and such, we even have one guy who hates conspicuous consumption and goes full-retard postal whenever we get a really huge mansion with a price to match. We have folks here who like modern design, who prefer classic styles, and so forth. I enjoy picking on little round foyer tables and those awful free standing white bathtubs that aren’t even whirlpools, don’t do anything, won’t hold your friends, have all the piping exposed, you know what I mean. I also hate small, under an acre lots and small garages. I think you also know what I like. This is a great site. we learn a lot, and we have fun. Enjoy.


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