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  • Atlas

    2 and 12 are outstanding, 11 might be great but we need another angle on it to be sure.

  • Bill_N

    No particular favorite. Although I like the warm feel of No.6, I’ll go with any design that makes good use of natural lighting.

  • horselips

    #1 is the only bathroom that has a working whirlpool tub – an absolute requirement for a luxurious bath. (Will someone please explain the attraction to these huge free-standing tubs that look like half an eggshell, can’t accommodate more than one person, and don’t do anything but hold water?)

  • horselips

    #1 and #12 are the only 2 that seem to have complex, multiple-nozzle showers. I see too many corners cut in the other showers – they seem to be designed for one person at a time. Where’s the luxury (or the fun) in that?


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