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  • horselips

    It’s one of a kind, there is nothing else like it, and that makes it worth it. Heck, it’s only money, the buyer will undoubtedly make more. Enjoy.

  • Craig2080

    At first sight honestly, I expected it to be a Landry abortion. He has one of his site that looks similar. Alas, everyone loves this bc it’s not him and would hate it if it was.

  • Pierre

    Officially, it wasn’t even for sell… it was supposed to be a showcase of Cogemad’s abilities. I guess it was some sort of “off-market” sell. This is a beautiful property, whitout a doubt. And with an amazing location too. It has too much modern elements for my personal taste… but I am not the one buying it, so… I hope we will soon see other properties of this scale being built in France.

  • Green Eyed Warlock

    Even if there were 100 new planets known with a million new species who could speak as we know it and whose forms of speech were all known to us, NONE of their languages would have the words to truly describe how utterly revolting this is in every conceivable way. People who build and and ACTUALLY BUY these beyond ghastly nightmares of clinically psychotic materialism, megalomania and greed make me violently ill. BIG surprise that someone (most likely) in Saudi royal family bought it, or at least another arab man with similar trillions. The people who actually buy these stupifying monstrosities are nothing more than pigs with gold rings in their snouts.

    • horselips

      Granted, $301 million could have built 100 hospitals in the third world, or 1000 schools, sent a hundred thousand to college, or better yet, bought a new AR15 rifle for half a million deserving high school graduates, and … so what? My dear Warlock, it is not for you to be the judge of the architect, the builder, the seller or the buyer of this place. Comfort yourself with the fact that hundreds of white and blue collar workers made a good living during the three years it took to build it. They paid taxes, supported their families, bought the whole range of things people need – in short, the money spent building this mansion was passed through many hands, many businesses, and was a significant contribution to the economy of its locale.

    • Green Eyed Warlock

      My dear Horselips………by your reasoning, the amount of “blue collar workers” who benefitted from the construction of this paen to unchecked psychotic ego and materialism could have been EASILY QUAD, QUINT Or SEXTUPLED had your first four, sensible examples been mercifully materialized. And that is an inarguable fact. I must say though that I’m amazed that you even thought of let alone wrote up those altruistic uses despite your eternal and incomprehensible adoration of such monstrosities as this. SANS your TRULY psychotic and revolting last suggestion that will never deserve repeating but is par for the course for your categorically inexplicable ilk.

      • horselips

        My judgments are reserved for their work, not their personalities. You judge character by their work, and they’re not the same thing. Taste and preference are one thing, the quality of an individual is another. But more important, you seem to feel that people shouldn’t do with their money what they want – that there should be some community standard or purpose by which they must measure their desires lest they offend and invite your wrath. How typically liberal, how typically fascist, how thoroughly totalitarian of you. You have revealed yourself as a classic ‘failure to launch.’
        This mansion, Chateau Louis XIV, isn’t just a residence, it is obviously a working palace and you may rest assured the owner will employ it as such. It will get plenty of use by the owner and the dozens, if not hundreds, of people in his familial, corporate and social orbit. Vive le difference!
        Lastly, the good news: AR15 prices are at the lowest they’ve ever been – quality models can be had for $500-$600, and ammunition is also bargain priced as low as .23-.25 cents a round. Case lots are as low as $220/1000 rounds. Unfortunately, AK47 rifles are still a little high, but their ammo is even cheaper – often $199/1000. Buy now! And stock up! Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

  • Tony

    this is a nice home but not worth $301 million. You could build something similar for $30 million to $75 million. Depending on the cost of the land.

    • AndrewF

      You have to consider the location – this is just outside of Versailles, barely 10 miles from the center of Paris. It’s not going to be cheap.

  • A laugh and some: buyer purchase prefabricated replica of begone era of “France” well
    taxes present expensive. Contrary oppression construction works entail in Middle East whom desire emulate the gentrified policies of “city planning” well buyer got taken! Purchase lesser value estate in France, U.K or Austria half the price think twice a waste!


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