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  • tennis4life

    “Stunning” is absolutely the appropriate term for this house from the views to the indoor outdoor flow to the exceptional materials, love the white marble floors and stone used throughout, only wish that there was not a home below between this house and the ocean and the beach otherwise excellent in most every way, maybe some additional color in the furnishings and art but there is some to offset that all white theme, it is usually used as a soothing element contrasting the oceanfront blue, well done though!!

    • Green Eyed Warlock

      Ummmmm, I could NOT possibly agree with you MORE, Tennis!!! And I am honestly and utterly astounded at just how much you’ve wrote exactly what I would’ve. This is one of the fewer places on earth where an all white house works beautifully but again, I agree with you completely that it needs more color on the walls or floors. And a few accent walls with a facade of subtle stone or modern Venetian plaster or the right shade of real, high-quality contemporary wood paneling or even just paint or elegant, subtlety colorful wallpaper. But the setting is amayyyyyzing.


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