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  • horselips

    Room after room, wall after wall, cabinet after cabinet…one vast collection of cheap wood and stone veneers, repeated one after another. If this the wonderful world of décor, please stop the world, I want to get off.

    • tennis4life

      the only cheap wood veneer is above your shoulders!!

      • horselips

        Sawdust between the ears is not so bad – half my brains are in my other head anyway.
        BTW, are you saying you like this mansion?

      • Green Eyed Warlock

        HA ha ha ha ha! GREAT comeback, Tennis! I couldn’t have said it better myself. This house is STUNNING and I love everything about it except the fact that it’s so close to its neighbors. And regarding horselips…….DO NOT, repeat do not try talking any modern/contemporary architectural sense into him. He has all the willingness/knowledge/capacity and brain power of a dead lawn mower to even begin thinking about educating himself. If it’s 25K sq. ft., plus with at least 8 beds & 11 baths, 15 inch deep plaster crown moulding on every ceiling, with the darkest possible, heavy paneling on every wall and heavy velvet brocade drapes on every window and gold gilt on all the floors & everywhere else it can possibly go and looks like a cross between Louis XVI on crack, a Victorian funeral parlor from a Vincent Price movie and a Russian whorehouse, he’ll love it.


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