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  • horselips

    The old gripe about cable TV -200 channels and nothing’s on- also applies to mansions. Eleven thousand square feet and nothing to see. And it’s all yours for $54 million. Kiddin’ me, right? They must have accidentally left off the decimal point – should’ve been $5 POINT 4 million. But even then, kiddin’ me, right? This is easily among the most unattractive buildings I have ever seen on this site. Especially at this price.

    • Green Eyed Warlock

      Your self-induced and complete lack of understanding & appreciation of contemporary residential architecture renders the vast majority of your opinions of the same featured on this site as irrelevant and ignorant. I despise most traditional design as you dependably despise contemporary but at least I can truly recognize and appreciate a well done home in that genre and compliment it sincerely when I see them. I’d tell you to educate yourself but I know that’s not going to happen. ALTHOUGH, I do agree with you about the TRULY PSYCHOTIC price of 99% of the homes featured here.

  • Atlas

    First, the location, this is an ocean-front plot of over 3 acres in the Hamptons at the end of a cul-de-sac that has just four mansions in total on it. This is an incredible location.

    Secondly, the design, this is one of the best executions of modernist architecture I have seen in the North East for a mansion- most them just try and export LA style white boxes that fail to work with the landscape but this is wonderful.

    The photos also don’t do it justice, the rooftop features are very impressive as are the pool and tennis court.

    • Green Eyed Warlock

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Atlas! It’s impeccable but, just like the 99% of all the homes featured here on this site, the listing price is TRULY PSYCHOTIC.

  • tennis4life

    Atlas I agree with you, first this property was last sold in 2006 for 18+million so if there was a home it was torn down to be replaced by this Bates+Masi architects design on their site it explains the tight building codes and regulations and as to why they had to have a home that was deconstructed in a way as to not leave a huge footprint and the reasoning for the materials chosen+ as you mention 3 oceanfront acres, the other person always knocking the modern architecture below has no clue as usual and many times have pointed out his wildly biased and skewed opinions to anything not classic or ornate design, anyway this property is probably going to go for in the high 30 million range unless the owners want to hold out for close to asking price, but again like the design , the tennis court although I haven’t found a picture of that on the architects site!


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