$4.5 Million Newly Built Lakefront Mansion In Sugar Land, TX | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • horselips

    The exterior detailing is very nicely done, however, I have concerns about the interior – beyond that stupid little round table with the flower pot on it in the foyer. The principle public rooms don’t seem to be real rooms – they’re just alcoves off the foyer. I little bump-out here and that’s the dining room, another bump-out there and that’s the great room. I’m all for open floor plans – I like them – but even connected major rooms are entitled to some individual character. Change the floor level or vary the ceiling height – something, anything.
    Oh, and please hang up that goddam mirror in the dining alcove – before somebody breaks it.

  • Comunsince

    What a Joke!. This looks like a $1.5mm house. I grew up in Sweetwater (expensive subdivision in Sugar Land) and I know expensive houses. $4.5mm will get you an extremely nice home in Memorial (Houston) about the same size. This looks like another Sugar Land barn build spruced up to look like a high end custom home. Unfortunately, many of the Chinese and Indian immigrants who now dominate Sugar Land are none the wiser and will probably overpay for this house.


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