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  • horselips

    Gee whiz – the foyer, the dining room and the living room are just one big area. Just open the front door and there it all is – just like in a friggin’ single wide mobile home.

  • Tyroanee

    Yup, that Palin Family is living just like you and me… what a gifting fraud.
    This house will have the darkest of dark in every closet.

    • LuckyinLove88

      Typical troll writing crapola. Anytime there’s a grifting lie you know it’s a hater. A lot of Alaskans have huge homes in AZ.

      • Tyroanee

        Not really juvenile or hate spam, just honest to goodness reporting and of course it’s the Palin compound, her SarahPaC funds are running the air conditioner and pool boy, all whilst her Abstinence Spokesperson daughter is doing the horizontal bop in the spare room working on her 2nd child.

        FYI Liberals built this country, so deal with it.

        • Green Eyed Warlock

          DAMMMMMMMN RIGHT, Tyroanee……….and the those oxygen thieves Sarah & Todds’ !ast names really should be changed to “Pale” because the toxic super wastelands between their ears make them fade to invisibility when compared to your average Amoeba.

  • Green Eyed Warlock

    WOW……this place has all the style, color, interest, personality and presence of a cardboard box.

  • Bill_N

    An oversized, 2-story game room.
    OK….we’ve had our laugh….now show the main residence!


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